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Open for Business University faculties



The Future Business Leaders 2022 is an inter-university business simulation competition that challenges students to compete against peers in a virtual competition in the GCC. Business Faculties put forward their best teams from Management, Finance or Marketing streams to compete with other top colleges in the finals.


The winning teams are awarded as champions and eligible for prizes.

Marketing Simulation

Analyse the market segments, develop a marketing mix and create a product that fits customer needs.


Learning goals: Segmentation, Marketing mix, Market strategy, Market analysis

Finance Simulation

Find the best way to finance company investments, make impactful, long-term decisions and develop the most valuable company while creating value for shareholders.


Learning goals: Investments, Valuations, Financing, Capital structure

Business Management

Run a production company, manage production, investments, pricing and financing of a virtual company to get hands-on experience.


Learning goals: Decision making, Product calculations, Accounting and budgeting, Investments



  • The competition is free for all universities to enter.

  • 3-5 students per team with one faculty mentor.

  • Universities are allowed to enter unlimited teams.

  • Register with the official faculty email address only.

Competition Format:

The competition will be organised in two stages:-


  • There are 3 challenges in the competition - Finance, Management & Marketing. 

  • Universities will create teams and assign them to each challenge.

  • Teams will compete within their institution.

  • The top 3 teams with the highest equity in each challenge will qualify for the Finals.


  • Teams will use their skills and knowledge in each challenge to compete with top business colleges in the GCC.

  • The winners of each challenge will become the future business leaders of Finance, Management or Marketing!

How do I win?

How do I win?

Institutions register teams in the Management, Finance and Marketing Challenges. Each challenge is a business simulation where teams have to make business decisions to increase the market share of their company.

how does it work 2.png

The team with the most equity at the end of the simulation wins!

Business Simulation?

What is a business simulation?

A business simulation is an experiential learning tool where participants run a virtual business in a simulated environment. The simulation game lets you practice real-world skills in a realistic and risk-free setting that creates an interactive and fun learning experience.

Make decisions in the simulation, like whether you should buy or outsource factories, invest in new products or cost-cutting, and which contracts you want to deliver on.

 Make investment choices with the data on market demand and expenses to consider which projects will yield more.

Maintain and control the cash flow and budget of your company. You make decisions on whether to withhold profits, apply for loans, or liquidate assets.

Create short-term strategies to connect the dots between disciplines like accounting, operations and finance.

FBL'22 is a business simulation competition that tests your students’ business skills, but also teamwork and critical thinking - the skills the leaders of tomorrow require.


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